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Resume for Clay Claiborne


Work as Linux Guru and System Administrator for one of the leading Linux companies such as Rackspace.


Functional summary

Mr. Claiborne has been building and maintaining Linux systems of various sizes for 17 years. His company has built many highly customized systems for clients that have included USC & General Dynamics.

He knows a lot about the use of open source tools and systems in film, video, music and graphic productions and also website construction using LAMP with a focus on implementing the Drupal content management system.



1984 - presentCosmos Engineering CompanyLos Angeles, CA

Founder & Owner

  • .Since 1984 Cosmos Engineering has provided computer systems, networks and services to individuals, businesses, governments and other institutions large and small. Since 1996 we have specialized in supporting Linux and other open source software models with specialized hardware and system deployments that leverages the advantages to be realized with the free and open source model.  

Cub Reporter      1983-1985

Developed and manufactured electronic interface that allowed the Praxis 30/35 electric typewriter to be used as letter quality parallel printers.


Apple Turnover      1984 -1985

Developed low level driver for this combination hardware/software product from Vertex Systems that allowed Apple II floppy disks to be read on an IBM PC. Also developed automated system for testing the hardward component.


Fax on File      1989

Developed one of the first systems to allow computer based automatic remote fax retrieval.


Rockell International, Downey CA   1989 - 1994

Contract to maintain the Vivtor 9000 based NC systems used to build the Space Shuttle


Area Code Update     1992 - 1994

Developed and offered a service that automatically updated large databases to reflect the implementation of telephone area code changes.


Linux On A Disk     1996 - 2001

Designed and manufactured this innovative product which served as an introduction to Linux for many companies including IBM and HP.  InfoWorld said, 12/23/1996 “a company called Cosmos Engineering, in Los Angeles, is making it impossible to complain that Linux is difficult to install.” The Boston Globe [02/07/2000] called it a creative solution” to the reality that “Despite big improvements in ease of use, installing Linux can still be fairly intimidating to many computer users.”


Linux Users, Los Angeles    1996-2004

Founded and was president of LULA, the first Linux users group in Los Angeles for 8 years.


Red Hat Linux Certified Engineers & Red Hat Hardware Partners 1997 - 1999

One of the founding members of the technical committee that established the RHCE and RHHP Programs.


In July 1999, Cosmos Engineering was named one of only 38 companies then offering Linux-enabled workstations/servers, along with Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Penguin Computing, Sun Microsystems and VA Linux by Desktop Engineering Magazine.


Los Angeles Community College   Summer 1999 – Spring 2000

Taught first Linux classes ever held at LACC.


Norcom Networks, Reston, VA   December 1999

Designed and built a series of dual Pentium II Linux Servers for Norcom Networks


University of Southern California   June 1999

Designed and built a series of dual Pentium II Linux Servers for USC.


Xerox, El Segundo, CA    May 1999

Provided Linux training for company employees at the company's El Segundo location.


Nortel      April 1999

Build Linux-based laptops based on Toshiba hardware for field use by this teleco giant.


Brazilian Consulate, Beverly Hills, CA  April 1999

Chosen by Tonic Communications to provide Linux hardware and software to serve as the foundation for the website of the Consulate General Of Brazil


U.S. Marine Corp, Camo LeJune   September 1999

Build a series of hardened Linux notebooks based on the Panasonic ToughBook for the United States Marine Corp.


General Dynamics     March – August 2000

Designed and manufactured a series of specialized Linux-based servers that allowed Windows workstations to be used to work with files on DEC hard drives that used OSF partitions and UFS file systems. This involved some ground breaking developments in Linux filesystem capabilities and was written up in the Linux Journal February 2001 special edition on Linux Kernel Internals.  


FirstView Financial, NYC   October – November 2000

Designed and manufactured a series of specialized Linux servers for this innovative leader in financial card services.


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA November 2000

Designed and manufactured Linux servers for CMU.


Cinesite, Hollywood, CA    October – November 2000

Designed and manufactured a series of 216GB RAID0 Linux Servers capable of 1K playback for used by this division of Kodak in movie maker. Not a big deal now, but at the time... Also built other Linux servers for this client.


Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Pasadena, CA   September 2002

Designed and manufactured Linux servers  for Jet Propulsion Laboratories.


Symar High School servers  September 2001 – August 2003

Under contact with the Los Angeles Unified School District, designed, implemented and maintained the Linux-based server backbone for Sylmar High School. This became the model for LAUSD's Digital High School Technology Installation.


CPE, Los Angeles, CA    October - November  2001

Developed, implemented and trained personnel on a custom web-based business process system implemented with PHP and PostgreSQL.


Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Pasadena, CA  September 2002

Designed and manufactured Linux servers  for Jet Propulsion Laboratories.


UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA January 2002 – August 2003

Designed and manufactured Linux servers  for the UCLA School of Medicine


Black Diamond Gym    October 2003 – present

Developed, implemented and maintained hardware and software for a custom customer records business system.


Linux Public Broadcast Network  December 2003 -  January 2006

In a time before YouTube, LPBN offered one of the first streaming video services on the Internet, using Linux and the Real Media server.


Dr. Dobbs Jounral    November 2005

Reported on Linux World 2005 for Dr. Dobbs Journal


Linux Beach Multimedia Center     April 2006 – present

Designed and manufactured one of the first commercial systems based on the Open Source MythTV software system. This system won the 2006 Best Linux Multimedia System award from Linux Journal in 2006, and has continued to be manufactured and sold since then.


Surf Station Inc., Los Angeles, CA                        March 2006  -  December 2009

Developed and maintained a Linux based software system for educational Internet workstations used by many charter schools in Los Angeles County.


Digital Rights Corp. , Santa Monica, CA     May 2011 – November 2013

As contractors built and maintained Linux server farm and network infrastructure used by DRC in piracy detection and copyright enforcement for key clients in Hollywood. Also supported applications development and testing by co-ordinating the work of local and off-shore developers and auditing and testing their work products.


Data Triage Inc., Los Angeles, CA   May 2012

Developed custom Linux live CD that allows this company to offer an easy to implement remote data recovery and forensics system. [RemoteDT]


OurWeekly News Paper, Los Angeles, CA   June 2013 - present  

Performed data recovery and server rebuilt after the failure of the servers the host their on-line edition.  Continuing systems administrative functions for them as required.


Tool of North America, Santa Monica, CA  October 2013

Installed Ubuntu Linux with RAID on server for this design company.

Wolcott Architecture Interiors, Culver City, CA          January 2014 - present

Upgrading and maintaining Xen Server pool.


2006 – present                 Linux Beach Production                        Venice, CA

Documentary Film Production

Mr Claiborne wrote, produced and directed Martin Sheen in the award winning film Vietnam: American Holocaust, which was released in 2008. Sequel is currently in production. Other production include the 60 min. doc. Newsclips from the Iraq War and numerous short form productions.



1966 - 1969Washington UniversitySt. Louis, MO

Electrical Engineering

  • .No degree due to financial pressures 




In Linux Journal, the publisher Carlie Fairchild, wrote of Mr. Claiborne "He's been a highly respected member of the community as long as the community has existed." while recommending my systems and services.

In Linux Today, Robin Miller wrote: "Clay Claiborne was an early Linux advocate, and his company, Cosmos Engineering, was one of the first computer builders to offer Linux-based PCs and servers... Clay's most notable pioneering effort was his mid-'90s Linux on a Disk (LOAD) product"  


Volunteer experience

Mr. Claiborne was the founder and president of Linux Users, Los Angeles from 1996-2004 and is a member of Veterans for Peace

Mr. Claiborne taught the first Linux classes ever given at Los Angeles Community College.


Patents and publications

In 2006  the Linux Beach Multimedia System was selected the Linux Journal multimedia system of the year and featured on their cover.

Published in Linux Journal February 2001

Making Inodes Behave  by Clay J. Claiborne

Claiborne describes the difficulties he encountered while building Linux systems for General Dynamics.

Filmmaking: Vietnam: American Holocaust select for the Pan African Film Festival 2010


Current References

Willis Clark, Venice Barter Buddy  310-266-9465

Building public WiFi access that will take advantage of pending FCC regulatory changes. This project has been commissioned and is currently in the design stage.


Robert Steele. Digital Rights   424-234-3150

From 2011 to present Mr. Claiborne has provided a number of Linux based services to Digital Rights including java software testing and deployment, service farm creations, optimization and maintenance.

Kevin Cohen, Data Triage  310-478-2113

Designed and build a custom Linux CD to allow remote imaging of a remote computer's hard drives.


Dr. Michael Batie,  THESURFSTATION.COM  310-467-4977  

Created special Linux Desktop builds for Surf Station and Step Station, low cost computers used by many charter schools in Los Angeles


Mario Araujo, AztecaNet,  310 -505-1891

Various work for this Linux based ISP.

David Morgan, Santa Monica College, 310-657-3922

Built Linux servers for SMC


Sam Sirlan 626-791-5068

Built Linux desktops for.

Mike Ball

Built Linux desktops for.


Jose Torres  323 905-1305

             Setup cloud partition and drupal install for  

Jed Pauker  310 800-3845

            Linux/Xen Server work @ Wolcott AI